Tips to Help You Celebrate

Check out our Celebration Guide below for ideas, resources, and activities that will give your advisers a memorable Activity Adviser Appreciation Day.

Students and principals—here are some ways for you to celebrate advisers on Activity Adviser Appreciation Day:

  • Write a note thanking your adviser for all they have done, with specific examples of how they have helped students at your school. Invite the PTA to participate in this activity, and consider working with different activity leaders. Need a thank-you card? Click here to download a printable template! Notes and cards can then be presented to advisers on April 22, 2020, or distributed to their mailboxes.
  • Present advisers with a framed certificate of appreciation signed by the principal for them to keep as a memento for years to come. Download a template here!
  • Send advisers an e-card as a quick way to say thanks!
  • Create and set up a banner somewhere clearly visible in the school where students can write notes of appreciation to the adviser.
  • Negotiate with local newspapers to run ads that celebrate advisers’ everyday acts by listing some of the great things going on in the school (include candid photos of the adviser being a great school leader). You can also invite your local paper to secure a column each week to spotlight a local adviser with a profile and photograph.
  • Students should write letters to the principal showing their support of the adviser. Use specific examples of things they have done to make your organization successful.
  • Provide a special treat for your adviser on AAAD, such as coffee, a breakfast sandwich, or taking care of a task they would usually have to complete.
  • Write a testimonial about your adviser that would be appropriate for use during announcements at the school.
  • Hold a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a charity in your adviser’s name.
  • Create a photo or video scrapbook for the adviser with memories from the various activates you have participated in together.