Spread the Word

Here are ways you can help spread the word about NSLW.

School Media Coverage
Plan NSLW event coverage in the school newspaper, yearbook, and school social media posts. Mix inspirational quotes with activity posts/tweets. Our social media page provides image assets you can save and use on your social media channels. Make sure you include #NSLW2022 in each post!

Newsletter Content
Share information about NSLW in your organization’s print or email newsletter. Below is suggested newsletter content that you can customize for your communications.

Celebrate the Power of Student Leadership
National Student Leadership Week, April 24–30, will celebrate this year’s theme of “Trailblazing Leadership.” Amplify the amazing contributions that student leaders make in our schools and communities every day. Start planning your celebration by exploring the resources available at www.studentleadershipweek.org. Send a virtual thank-you card, add your students to the National Student Leadership Map, and participate in the virtual #NSLW2022 Spirit Week!

Mayoral Proclamation
Consider trying to get your mayor to issue a proclamation about NSLW and include that in your press release. Use our mayoral proclamation template to help.

Newspaper Features
Share student stories with your local newspaper, and ask if they will publish one per day throughout NSLW to honor and celebrate your student leaders.

Newspaper Op-Ed
Submit an op-ed to your local newspaper with a local angle about NSLW, perhaps asking for community support or participation in a student-led initiative.

Radio Interview
Call your favorite radio station and ask if you can set up an interview with your student leaders in celebration of NSLW.

Local TV News Segment
Contact your local TV station and ask if they will share information about your NSLW activities during their community news segment. They may even be interested in interviewing one of your student leaders.

Create a dedicated “Trailblazing Leadership” page on your school’s website. Update it with school and/or student leadership projects.