Suggested Activities

How will you show appreciation for your student leaders during National Student Leadership Week? Below are a few activity suggestions.

Whichever activities you decide to do, please share photos of your school in action on social media, tagging @nhs_njhs or @NatStuCo and using #NSLW2020 so we can share in your celebration!

Recommended Activities

  • Share student leader stories—Submit a description of an outstanding student leader to the National Student Leadership Map. Tell us what makes them exceptional, and how they have contributed to your school and your community.
  • Send a “thank you” note—Send a Student Leader Appreciation E-Card to say how grateful you are for their positive contributions.
  • Print a locker poster—Add a student leader’s name to the NSLW Locker Poster. Print and tape the poster on their locker to show the whole school community that they are a valued leader.

More Ways to Get Involved in NSLW

Student Recognition Ideas

  • Student Leader Appreciation Event—Recognize all student leaders who are involved in any leadership in your school; clubs, teams, etc. Schedule an awards ceremony, banquet, luncheon, or breakfast, and invite your principal, superintendent, school board, and even local elected officials or local celebrities to honor your students and those who support them.
  • Morning Announcements—Make a school-wide announcement about NSLW and the importance of student leadership for making positive change.
  • NSLW Poster—Display the NSLW poster in your school, thanking your student leaders.
  • Certificate of Appreciation—Download customized certificates of appreciation and present it to your student leaders.
  • Student Newspaper or Newsletter—Collaborate with a school publication to publish an article that publicizes NSLW and celebrates the accomplishments of your student leaders.
  • Leadership Wall—Create a “wall of leadership” where student leaders begin posting their acts of leadership and challenge their fellow students to do the same.

Community Connection Ideas

  • Alumni Event—Invite program alumni to address your group, focusing on the things they learned from being involved as student leaders in middle level or high school that they find useful now in their careers.
  • Community Leader Meet-and-Greet—Invite your superintendent, local mayor, city council, or state representative to have a luncheon or meet-and-greet with your student leaders. Talk about the importance of student leadership within your community.
  • Student Mentorship—Send your student leaders to visit a younger group of students in your middle level or elementary school. The leadership of your students could inspire the next class to do great things!
  • Volunteer Hour/Donation Matching—Work with a local company or organization and ask them to match the number of service hours or donations that your students are able to raise during NSLW!

Service Ideas

  • Student Poll—Create and distribute a poll asking the student body the most important problem facing the community and seek their suggestions to solve it. Based on the results, draft a proposal for a year-long student-led volunteer project addressing the most popular issue. You can also use Twitter polls if your chapter or council has a large Twitter following!
  • Support the Cause—Choose a charity and/or local or national cause and donate service hours or time to support it; consider also spreading awareness of the cause within your community.
  • Raise Student Voice—Use the National Student Council Raising Student Voice & Participation program and hold a school-wide discussion to address students’ most pressing issues.
  • Class Competitions—Host competitions to collect donations or raise charitable funds, with the winning class earning a special treat.